About us

 Kentro Tzakiou participates in the field of heating by wood since 1980, presenting for the first time in the Greek market the almost unknown for that time, energetic fireplaces of closed combustion.

In Volos Magnesia as a starting point, we begun informing the public about the operation of energetic hearth, presenting the advantages and its supremacy. At the same time, we developed our activity all over Greece throuht selected distributors.

 Kentro Tzakiou offers a wide variety of energetic hearths, as well as insert hearths, that are placed in an already existing fireplace. Also, we can provide a grand variety of wood stoves with large thermal output, as well as cookers for central heating by radiators or simple ones just for enjoying cooking! Moreover, we have stoves of gas, oil, pellet, BBQs and many disposables concerning the devices.

All our products come from leading factories in Europe at the sector, such as INVICTA Group France, GODIN SA France, HERGOM Spain, DEVILLE France,CADEL Italy and SAVE Italy for enamel pipes.

Each product follows certifications such as CE, FLAMME VERTE, RT 2012, Q AEC, ISO 9001 according official regulations in each production country. 

Polimeri 47, Volos, z.c.: 38222